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The Enhanced Access Unit

The Enhanced Access Unit (EAU) provides convenient access for persons who prefer a large portable restroom, and it has been successfully used by patrons in wheelchairs, though it is not ADA-approved. Thousands are in service, both in the United States and around the world.

The EAU, like its ADA-compliant cousin the Senator, includes full width handrail assemblies that overlap most corners, adding strength and rigidity to the unit. A pneumatic door closer is balanced by a heavy-duty cable spring for comfortable, consistent, and predictable access. A 1/2" thick polyethylene extrusion floor provides maximum rigidity and near ground-level access.

Interior View<br>(click to enlarge)
Integra Portable Toilet<br>(click to enlarge)

* Actual color may vary

Specification Interior Exterior
Height (standard roof) 82.5" (2.1 m) 86.5" (2.2 m)
Base 58.5" x 58.5" (1.5 m x 1.5 m) 61" x 61" (1.55 m x 1.55 m)
Door Opening N/A 35.5" w x 73.5" h (.9 m x 1.87 m)
Roof N/A 61" x 61" (1.5 m x 1.5 m)
Weight N/A 280 lbs. (127 kg)
Tank Capacity N/A 40 gal (151.42 liters)
Material N/A High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
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