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 What to Look for When Renting a Porta Potty

Large outdoor events such as festivals, family reunions and concerts often require special restroom accommodations. Porta potties offer an easy solution to restroom needs for large crowds. They are also a convenient solution to events in areas where there is no restroom available. Porta potties can be placed virtually anywhere. Renting a porta potty can be confusing to someone who has never dealt with a portable toilet rental company. Choosing a reliable company can make the difference between a successful event and a disaster. When looking for a dependable company, use the following qualities as a guideline.


The occasions that require porta potty rental are numerous. Hiring a company that offers several different options will make planning your event much easier. A basic porta potty is great for construction sites. In a more formal setting you will need options that go beyond the basics. Luxury units make the experience of using a porta potty much nicer. Better units may have carpet, porcelain fixtures, soft music and mirrors. They give the user the experience of being in a permanent restroom. The company may also offer optional extras such as air freshener, decorations, hand towels and lotion. Good companies will offer a range of options between basic units and luxury units to cover any event. The option to hire an attendant is always offered by the best companies. The attendant will be available to help your guests and to keep each unit clean, fresh and well stocked between uses. There should be no minimum placed on the number of toilets that must be rented. Most reputable companies are happy to rent one toilet or several, depending on the need.


One of the main things to look for in your porta potty rental company is knowledge. Your first contact when you call the company should be able to accurately answer all of your questions in a professional manner. They should know exactly how many units you need for the number of guests you are expecting. Underestimates on the number of needed toilets can quickly lead to overflowing tanks. If you are renting the units for multiple days, your company should know exactly how often your porta potties will need to be serviced. Hiring a company that does not pay attention to these details can cause an embarrassing shortage of usable facilities.


Honest companies will give you a fair quote based on location, number of units required, maintenance and any extras you request. Beware of companies that tack hidden fees to the final invoice. Disreputable companies are often less than careful about cleanliness. If your units arrive to the site with a strong foul odor, they have not been properly cleaned between uses. Most companies do not use the same units for construction sites and events. A reputable company will have a list of references prepared to show upon request. You can also check to see if the company is registered with the Portable Sanitation Association International. This porta potty rental trade association has high standards that members must meet to join.

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