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Portable Toilets For Construction Sites FAQ

Why Do I Need Onsite Restrooms?

Construction workers, like anyone else, need restroom facilities on their worksite. Whatever the workers are building may not contain any bathrooms, and even if they did, they would not likely be usable. The plumbing may not be hooked up yet, and water is rarely turned on until the construction is complete. Depending on what the workers are building, there may never be restrooms on the construction site. In either case, portable units are the only way to go.

Will Workers Be More Efficient?

Yes, workers will spend more time working if they do not have to travel far to take care of business. Portable potties are located right on site, so workers can spend more time building rather than searching for restrooms.

What Types of Portable Toilets Are Available?

Virtually everyone has seen and used the standard type unit. There are also high rise models, portable flush units and wash stations.

Who Delivers the Units to the Job Site?

The portable toilet company will deliver the unit directly to your job site at your request, and at your convenience. Pickup can be scheduled ahead of time or requested when the job is complete.

Are They Sanitary?

Yes. They not only come clean and ready to use, but the potty company will also come around to clean periodically. When you are ready to call for pickup, there is no need to spend valuable time cleaning them yourself. The rental company will do it for you.

Do Rental Units Come With Needed Paper Products?

Yes, toilets come with ample toilet paper. Wash stands also come with a large supply of paper towels.

Do Portable Potties Need to Be Hooked Up to Any Utilities?

Standard units are ready to go as is. Wash stands must have an electric supply. Because of this, warm water wash is also an option.

Do They Flush?

Standard units are not flushable, but do have a large waste unit attached. Portable flush units do, of course, flush. They have a fresh water supply tank and a waste holding tank.

Where Can a Flush Unit Be Used?

Generally, a flush unit is placed in a construction site trailer. Because most site trailers do not have running water, the included fresh water supply system is ideal. As an added bonus, the water supply of a portable flush unit can be hooked up to existing sinks for washing and other water uses.

What Is a High Rise Unit?

If you are constructing a high rise building, you may need a toilet on an upper floor. High rise units are specifically designed to meet this need. They can be lifted easily by crane and deposited at the desired location. If the building has a working elevator, they can be moved to the floor you have chosen in just minutes.

How Do I Arrange for a Rental?

Call or go online to the company website and request a quote. The portable toilet rental company will use the information you provide to determine your construction site needs. You decide how many and what types of units will be delivered. You will be presented with a quote. When you accept the quote, service will be started on the date and time you specify.


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