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Portable Toilet Unit Options

Are you looking to customize a standard unit for a particular customer or job? Choose from the following items that can be easily in any of our units.

Skid Options: A Flush Away offers a wide array of choices regarding the unit base. The following list outlines the standard skid configurations available, but combinations of these various components may also be provided.

  • Plastic Molded Skid: Heavy duty one-piece rotationally molded base with stake down holes molded into runner tips.
  • Combo Skid: Pressure treated lumber base with •" solid plastic floor and plastic lumber runners.
  • Plastic Lumber Skid: Plastic lumber base with plastic lumber runners and solid plastic floor.

Sanitizers: A Flush Away offers two types of waterless hand sanitizers for installation within our portable restroom units. Purell Hand Sanitizer is available in the 1000-ml NXT Space Saver format, while Bactisan Hand Sanitizer is available in 400-ml dispensers and refills.

Take A Seat anti-bacterial toilet seat cleaner can also be included. Take A Seat is a spray product that is intended to be dispensed on to toilet paper and then wiped on the toilet seat to eliminate any germs prior to the use of the unit. It is also available in a 400-ml dispenser and refill.

Other Options: Many times it's the little things that make the biggest difference. These small accessories are certainly crowd pleasers and can be provided as well.

  • Motion Activated Light: Battery operated motion-activated light comes with hinge for mounting that allows access to battery compartment. Unit runs on four "AA" batteries. Light cell on the top of the unit conserves batteries in motion-activated mode by disabling motion sensor.
  • Coat Hook: May be mounted on the door or any unit wall.
  • Vanity Shelf: Mounts around the vent stack. Available in most unit colors.
  • Stainless Steel Mirror: Long-life scratch resistant mirror may be mounted on unit door or wall.
  • Locking Towel Dispenser: High capacity towel dispenser may be mounted on unit wall. The dispenser works best with single-fold paper towels (9 •" x 5" when folded).
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